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Verehrte Gäste,

der reguläre Restaurantbetrieb musste vorerst eingestellt werden. Dafür bieten wir unsere Gerichte ab jetzt außer Haus an!

Wir freuen uns, wenn Ihnen dieses Angebot nützt und wünschen alles Gute!
Ihre Famile Bundt & Team

Zum Bestellservice

Und noch etwas besonderes zu den Feiertagen: unser Ostermenü außer Haus!

Zum Ostermenü

Enjoy the exquisite food in our cosy restaurant. We offer you additionally selected seasonal dishes in our special menu all year round.

— We are open for you all week long. —

An excerpt from our daily menu:

Sausage Specialties from Neuenfelde

Buttered black bread, pickle, and salad garnish with one of the following:
Altländer ham8,90 €
Altländer mettwurst (raw minced pork)6,90 €


Altländer Wedding Soup, clear beef bouillon with small meatballs, egg, and root vegetables5,90 €
Apple-curry soup with a sesame stick and a dollop of cream5,90 €

Salads and Vegetarian Dishes

Baked feta cheese with Mediterranean vegetables, pesto, and baguette9,70 €
Baked potato with sour cream and a salad
7,50 €
Small salad from the buffet4,90 €
Large salad plate with mixed leaf lettuce, colorful vegetables, and housemade vinaigrette8,90 €
Optional additions:
Grilled turkey breast strips+ 4,20 €
Feta cheese wrapped in bacon+ 4,50 €

Delicious Dishes with Fried Potatoes

Home-style herring filets with apple-onion sour cream and salad garnish14,90 €
Fried sweet-and-sour pickled herring - with raw onion rings and salad garnish13,90 €
Medium roast beef served cold with remoulade sauce and salad garnish
16,90 €
Housemade head cheese with remoulade sauce and salad garnish14,90 €

Bundts Classics

Altländer-style half-duck Crispy baked duck with brown sauce, seasonal vegetables, potato croquettes, and filled apple18,50 €
Housemade beef roulade with seasonal vegetables and boiled potatoes17,50 €
Holstein-style schnitzel Fried pork schnitzel with 2 fried eggs and fried potatoes15,90 €
Bundts curry sausage with housemade curry sauce, French fries, and salad garnish8,50 €

From the Sea

Finkenwerder-style plaice with rendered bacon, potato salad, and a salad plate18,50 €
Hamburg Pannfisch baked fish filets with mustard sauce, fried potatoes, and salad plate16,90 €
Plaice filets fried in an egg batter with white wine sauce, parsley potatoes, and a salad plate16,90 €

From the Grill

Argentinian rump steak (200g)23,00 €
Turkey breast steak (180g)18,90 €
Three medallions of beef, pork, and turkey18,90 €

We serve grilled mushrooms, housemade herb butter, and a salad from the buffet with our grill dishes. You also have a choice between a baked potato with sour cream, French fries, or fried potatoes.


Hamburg Rote Grütze (red berry compote) with vanilla sauce
4,50 €
Crème brûlée with apple
4,50 €






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