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Dear guests ,

under careful observance of the distance and hygiene regulations our restaurant is now open again! If possible, please make a reservation before your visit. The opening hours are:

Montag bis Samstag18-21 Uhr
Sonntag12-21 Uhr

We are looking forward to welcoming you again!
Your family Bundt & Team

Dear guests,

We would like to use the opportunity to introduce our family restaurant in Neuenfelde, on the dyke in the Alten Land (Old Country) on the other side of Blankenese with its many options of relaxing and being entertained.

The old barn on Bundt’s premises built in 1825 already had a hall in the attic and a guestroom on the bottom. The yellow house in the front, where the hotel rooms are today, was built in 1899. It was the first house with lights and the guests came from near and far, to look at the amazing bright light. So Willi Bundt opened a restaurant there with a ballroom and in 1922 even a cinema.

Before the war, numerous clubs came, to recover from the stress of everyday life in the beautiful tea garden. At that time, Willi Brandt owned an excursion steamer together with the Prigge family and the Kösterburg.

Excerpt from the house brochure at that time:

For RM1.00 per person, free round trip including a cup of coffee.

In 1954 Nicolaus Bundt took over the business after the early demise of his father. The flood in 1962 forced him to rebuild everything completely. In the process, the new restaurant building, 30 hotel rooms and the swimming pool were built. The current skittle alley is the fourth on Bundt’s premises.

Since 1985, the year Nicolaus Bundt passed, Hilde Bundt and her son Nico succeeded in continuing to run the business in accordance with the old tradition, thanks to the help of many loyal employees and friends of the establishment.

In 1990, after working hard for more than 40 years, Hilde Bundt finally passed the responsibility onto her son Nico.

It became necessary to remodel and renovate the business premises on a regular basis due to the ever-increasing number of competitors.


  • 1987: 3 hotel rooms
  • 1989: Guest bathrooms
  • 1990: Restaurant
  • 1992: 21 hotel rooms
  • 1993: new kitchen technology
  • 1994: Foyer / new heating system
  • 1995: Composite refrigeration system
  • 1998: Holiday flats
  • 1999: Hotel’s facade
  • 2000: 21 hotel bathrooms
  • 2002: New hall
  • 2005: Garden furniture / telephone system Siemens / HiPath rental / Internet connection via ISDN in the hotel
  • 2006: Various refurbishments Hotel rooms / new roof for the hotel
  • 2007: Combined heat and power unit with 20 kW el, 43 kW therm (to become independent from the cartel of suppliers of electric energy) / central heating system in the hotel area with 60 kW condensing boiler
    – funded by the environmental authorities in Hamburg / company for resource conservation
  • 2008: Renovation restaurant: breakfast buffet, chairs, etc. (face lift) and club room
  • 2008: Installation of a wireless LAN network
  • 2009: -6 hotel Tvs- Samsung LCD-TV
  • 2010: Musical concept The Player / MP3 -www.kasperhastedt.de-
  • 2010: Skittle alley and new roof with thermal insulation
  • 2010: Fire alarm system in the hotel
  • 2011: Channel management / can be booked via the own homepage (Cultuzz)
  • 2011: -21 hotel Tvs- Samsung LCD-TV
  • 2011: Hotel’s facade
  • 2013: Hotel room renovation
  • 2014: 2 rational combi steam oven
  • 2014: Renovation Ollanner Stuv (former “Altländer” rooms)
  • 2015: Refurbishment skittle alley anteroom to the conference rooms

Total costs 1987 – 2014 approx. €3.4 m

Planned renovations:

  • 2015 renovation DP system (server, etc.)
  • Garden incl. recreational concept
  • New hall tables

Total costs approx. €350.000.–



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