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Verehrte Gäste,

der reguläre Restaurantbetrieb musste vorerst eingestellt werden. Dafür bieten wir unsere Gerichte ab jetzt außer Haus an!

Wir freuen uns, wenn Ihnen dieses Angebot nützt und wünschen alles Gute!
Ihre Famile Bundt & Team

Zum Bestellservice

Und noch etwas besonderes zu den Feiertagen: unser Ostermenü außer Haus!

Zum Ostermenü

Provision of rooms according to the booked number of participants with the following technology:

  • overhead projector
  • screen
  • whiteboards
  • flip chart
  • cordless microphone
  • moderator’s case
  • data projector (extra)
  • coffee, tea, fruit and pastries (specialty coffees charged extra)
  • Nespresso machine and samovar
  • convention lunch
  • coffee break: “Altländer Butterkuchen” (German butter sheet cake) (in the afternoon)
  • beverages during the conference (extra charge for specialty coffees)
  • incl. rent for the room

Conference flat rate €46.00 per person /day

Additional services:

Additional workspace: €30.–

Photocopies €0.15 per page

Beverages at meals and specialty coffees are charged separately. The conference flat rate applies as of a minimum of 10 participants.

Individual changes and amendments are possible at any time, e.g. fitness break with fruit and yoghurt or Bavarian veal sausage break with pretzel pastries.

Accommodation in a single room with shower, TV and telephone including breakfast buffet €72.00 per person/day.

To relax, the miniature golf course is at your disposal free of charge; for an extra charge you can use our skittle alley, archery or air rifle shooting facilities as well.

Conference room 1/1
Space rent: €300.00 4h /€600.00 8h

Space: 200 sq m
Height: 3,80m/7,0m
Length x width: 20m x 10m
Door: 1,90m


U-shape: 100 persons (inside and outside)
U-shape: 56 persons (only outside)
E-shape: 168 persons (inside and outside)
Banquet: 200 persons
Parliamentary: 270 persons (without tables)
Rows: 200 persons
Standing reception: 300 persons

Conference room 2/3
Space rent €200.00 4h / €400.00 8h

Space: 140 sq m
Height: 3,80m/7,0m
Length x width: 14m x 10m
Door: 1,90m
U-shape: 68 persons (inside and outside)
U-shape: 40 persons (only outside)


E-Form: 76 persons (inside and outside)
Banquet: 80 persons
Parliamentary: 144 persons (without tables)
Rows: 116 persons
Standing reception: 200 persons

Conference room 1/3
Space rent €100.00 4h / €200.00 8h

Space: 70 sq m
Height: 3,80m/7,0m
Length x width: 7m x 10m
Door: 1,90m


U-Form: 56 persons (inside and outside)
U-Form: 32 persons (only outside)
E-Form: 52 persons (inside and outside)
Banquet: 40 persons
Parliamentary: 64 persons (without tables)
Rows: 40 persons
Standing reception: 70 persons

Conference room: Olanner Stuv
Space rent €100.00 4h / €200.00 8h

Space: 70 sq m
Length x width:

U-Form: persons (only outside)
Banquet: persons
Parliamentary: persons
Stuhlkreis: persons
Standing reception: 20 persons

Conference room: Kegelstuv
Space rent €100.00 4h / €200.00 8h

Space: 70 sq m
Length x width:


U-Form: 22 persons (only outside)
Banquet: 24 persons
Parliamentary: 20 persons
Circle: 23 Personen
Standing reception: 30 persons




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