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Dear guests ,

under careful observance of the distance and hygiene regulations our restaurant is now open again! If possible, please make a reservation before your visit. The opening hours are:

Montag bis Samstag18-21 Uhr
Sonntag12-21 Uhr

We are looking forward to welcoming you again!
Your family Bundt & Team

Provision of rooms according to the booked number of participants with the following technology:

  • overhead projector
  • screen
  • whiteboards
  • flip chart
  • cordless microphone
  • moderator’s case
  • data projector (extra)
  • coffee, tea, fruit and pastries (specialty coffees charged extra)
  • Nespresso machine and samovar
  • convention lunch
  • coffee break: “Altländer Butterkuchen” (German butter sheet cake) (in the afternoon)
  • beverages during the conference (extra charge for specialty coffees)
  • incl. rent for the room

Conference flat rate €46.00 per person /day

Additional services:

Additional workspace: €30.–

Photocopies €0.15 per page

Beverages at meals and specialty coffees are charged separately. The conference flat rate applies as of a minimum of 10 participants.

Individual changes and amendments are possible at any time, e.g. fitness break with fruit and yoghurt or Bavarian veal sausage break with pretzel pastries.

Accommodation in a single room with shower, TV and telephone including breakfast buffet €72.00 per person/day.

To relax, the miniature golf course is at your disposal free of charge; for an extra charge you can use our skittle alley, archery or air rifle shooting facilities as well.

Conference room 1/1
Space rent: €300.00 4h /€600.00 8h

Space: 200 sq m
Height: 3,80m/7,0m
Length x width: 20m x 10m
Door: 1,90m


U-shape: 100 persons (inside and outside)
U-shape: 56 persons (only outside)
E-shape: 168 persons (inside and outside)
Banquet: 200 persons
Parliamentary: 270 persons (without tables)
Rows: 200 persons
Standing reception: 300 persons

Conference room 2/3
Space rent €200.00 4h / €400.00 8h

Space: 140 sq m
Height: 3,80m/7,0m
Length x width: 14m x 10m
Door: 1,90m
U-shape: 68 persons (inside and outside)
U-shape: 40 persons (only outside)


E-Form: 76 persons (inside and outside)
Banquet: 80 persons
Parliamentary: 144 persons (without tables)
Rows: 116 persons
Standing reception: 200 persons

Conference room 1/3
Space rent €100.00 4h / €200.00 8h

Space: 70 sq m
Height: 3,80m/7,0m
Length x width: 7m x 10m
Door: 1,90m


U-Form: 56 persons (inside and outside)
U-Form: 32 persons (only outside)
E-Form: 52 persons (inside and outside)
Banquet: 40 persons
Parliamentary: 64 persons (without tables)
Rows: 40 persons
Standing reception: 70 persons

Conference room: Olanner Stuv
Space rent €100.00 4h / €200.00 8h

Space: 70 sq m
Length x width:

U-Form: persons (only outside)
Banquet: persons
Parliamentary: persons
Stuhlkreis: persons
Standing reception: 20 persons

Conference room: Kegelstuv
Space rent €100.00 4h / €200.00 8h

Space: 70 sq m
Length x width:


U-Form: 22 persons (only outside)
Banquet: 24 persons
Parliamentary: 20 persons
Circle: 23 Personen
Standing reception: 30 persons




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